Proefschrift Ewold Verhagen Gesterborben

Ewold Verhagen studies the physics of light confined at the nanoscale. He is particularly interested in the interactions between light and nanomechanical motion . Sep 11, 2017. AMOLF group leader Ewold Verhagen (Photonic Forces) has received a Starting Grant of 1.5 million euros from the European Research . Ph.D. Thesis Utrecht University, December 2009. Subwavelength light confinement with surface plasmon polaritons. Ewold Verhagen. ISBN 978-90- 77209-37-0. The Photonic Forces group studies light-matter interactions at the nanoscale, in particular the coupling between photons and phonons in nano-optomechanical . Jul 22, 2014. Google Scholar profile: Ewold Verhagen. Natuurkunde proefschrift prijs (PhD thesis award, awarded to the best PhD thesis in The.

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